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Nahed Elrayes

4th year Bachelor of Music and BPPE. I play piano and am a fan of Massive Attack, Broken Social Scene, Kendrick Lamar, and Rachmanninov.


Lauren Giddy

I’m an organist and pianist who is also doing a science degree.  I like accompanying, avocado, Beethoven’s violin concerto, blogs, Bach, BWV 547, the Capriol Suite, Celtic melodies, Cesar Franck’s organ music, the Champagne Sonata, Chopin, choirs, the circle of fifths, creative writing, crocuses, crotales, daffodils, Debussy, duets, Durufle, group theory, harmony, harpsichords, hemidemisemiquavers, hot chocolate, Jehan Alain, lemon yellow, making salads, Markov chains, Mozart, the Mother Goose suite, Neapolitan sixths, needlework, number theory, pesto, Rachmaninov, reading, recorder music, the sky, the St. Paul’s suite, sunshine, suspensions, taking photos, Tchaikovsky, teaching, the “Te Deum” by Langlais, tulips, and the viola.  I also like writing about music (some of the time).

Ayrton Kiraly

2nd Year Musicology, International Security and Japanese Linguistics. Main instrument: Piano. Musical interests include: Ethnomusicology, Classicism, Romanticism, Modernism, Experimental. Favourite composers: Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninoff,  Sculthrope, Kats-Chernin, Messiaen, J.L Adams.

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Student 3

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Hanul Lee (Linus)

I am 2nd-year performance (Classical Piano), composition, and musicology student. I am not as well-equipped as I should be with theoretical and historical knowledge, but I do enjoy listening to & performing various schools of music, Baroque and Classical being my favourite. Favourite composers, among many, include JS Bach, F. Chopin and F, Schubert.

Jasmine Li

I am a 2nd Year Performance (Classical Piano) and Musicology student. I do not have a favourite composer at the moment, but I enjoy playing pieces from Romantic period and 20th-century most. I am currently working on broadening my piano repertoire as well as increasing my musicological knowledge.

Eugene Lim

I am a 3rd year exchange student from Singapore, where I major in Sociology and minor in English Studies (a mix of Linguistics and Literature). Unlike all of you cool people, I bring no musical background to this course – yes, I’m surprised too it was not a requirement. It is indeed a massive minus having little acquaintance with music history or composition; perhaps I’m here as an example to see how much – if at all – lay critics can actually add to discourses on music?


Tristan Struve

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Music, with a major in Piano Performance. I am in my final year. In addition to piano I also enjoy composing (mainly choral and piano music) though I’m experimenting with larger ensembles. I also sing choral tenor in the Canberra Bach Ensemble, I Progetti, and the ANU Chamber Choir. Favorite composers at the moment would probably be J.S.Bach, Rachmaninov and Haydn at the moment, although there are some 20th century composers like I.Stravinsky, L.Nono and L.Berio and similar composers that I enjoy listening to. 

Chayla Ueckert-Smith

In her fourth year at the Australian National University, Chayla has a strong interest in merging her two artistic passions – oboe and ceramics. She has a keen interest in the relationship between the audience, the artist, and the art form. Chayla currently holds a scholarship position within Canberra Youth Orchestra and performs regularly around Canberra with groups such as the Canberra Bach Ensemble, the ANU Choral Society, and Dramatic Productions. Alongside this, Chayla spends time outside of her study engaging in teaching. She hopes to develop her conducting skills to take her music tuition to new areas. Chayla enjoys a large range of musical styles and is always open to new ideas.

Hayley Manwaring

My name is Hayley Manwaring, I’m in my 4th year of Secondary Education/Arts degree, completing a double major in music and a major in English. I am mostly interested in contemporary music ranging from rock and experimental music to pop, hip-hop and film/game scores. I play guitar and sing in the band Moaning Lisa

I enjoy Japanese food, Cherry Coke, the colour green, punk rock, denim, Nintendo, brutalism, Power Puff Girls, videos of otters, videos of babies eating wasabi peas, videos of baby otters eating wasabi peas, UFO theories and reaching word limits by the exact number of words required.

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Student 14

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