A French music producer Madeon’s first album ‘Adventure’ was reviewed by Brennan Carley in SPIN, a music website run by Billboard. The first sentence of the review fails to get the readers’ attention. He starts the review by mentioning that first thing us readers might notice about Madeon (not the album) is his young age (which is 20). I knew he was a young producer but his age was clearly not the first thing that I cared about after listening to the album.

The structure of the review was quite inconsistent and poor. He provides a detailed description of each song in the review. However, he only does so for several songs of his choice and ignore the rest. He also uses quite obscure and incomprehensible language to describe each song. He, for example, uses phrases such as ‘sky-scraping melodies’, ‘syrupy instrumentation’ or oxygen deprived gasp of chorus’ to describe the elements in the songs. Even after listening to the album, I could hardly understand the meaning of those terms.

There is little information provided about the author’s background. Although Carley’s experience with electronic music is unknown for the readers, he takes quite a harsh stance to comment on the album. In his comment on “Beings”, he says, ‘(this song) was pretty fluff’ and ‘(it) could’ve been a tossed-off mid-set transition during a live show’. His claims are not supported by any reasons.

If this review was aiming to target the ones that are already familiar with the album and its purpose was to provide the author’s perspective and some insights to the album, then it was quite unsuccessful. This review fails to put the music in context. It lacks information about how different, or not different, Madeon’s style presented in this album is to others and its significance in the electronic music scene.

However, Carley provides the link to Madeon’s website as well as Spotify links to each song, which allow the readers to examine his claims on each song.


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