Laurie Neils’s interview of Hilary Hahn was written for violinist.com, a website that contains violin and classical music related news and blogs. This interview was titled “The Higdon and Tchaikovsky Concertos” and was for Hahn’s new launch of the album which contained her performance of the Higdon and Tchaikovsky concertos. Before the conversation between Neils and Hahn is presented, Neils devoted a brief writing to provide some background information about the Hahn’s new album and express her impression on it. This short introduction, later on, relates to the content in the interview and is quite insightful.

The topic of the interview was very focused and appropriate for the targeted readers. In this new recording, Hahn played the Tchaikovsky’s original version of the violin concerto, rather than the Auer cuts, which is used by most of the contemporary violinists. The interviewer focused her questions around this Hahn’s choice and managed to ask very detailed stories behind her choice. Neils also allowed Hahn to talk for as long as she wanted for each question, which also resulted in Hahn providing an in-depth story. Supposing that the main target of this website

However, there was one occasion where Hillary did not quite answer Neils’s question. Neils said violinists nowadays have mixed feelings about the Tchaikovsky concerto and said her teacher (supposedly her violin teacher) did not like Tchaikovsky and told her he or she wish she did not bring the piece to the lessons.The fact that she has played the violin and played the Tchaikovsky was presented out of blue and I felt that was quite unnecessary considering that this comment did not help Hahn’s response at all.

Despite having this one occasion, the interview was well executed and achieved its aim. Hahn explained in detail about the pieces in her new album and the readers were able to see Hahn’s very professional attitude and her love for music.


“Higdon & Tchaikovsky Violin concerto” performed by Hillary Hahn, conducted by Vasily Petrenko.Grammaphon. CD. 0289 477 8777 8. 2010.

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