Started up in 2010 by Adam Turner this blog provides a clear intent in regards to their audience. Each blog post is an obscure comic which consist of either a comic strip, or a repeated image with text. The content itself is very specific and takes a stab at classical music as the title of the blog suggests.

There are multiple content writers who each have a satirical description of themselves on the blog’s about page. From this information, one can assume that the content writers were peers at University, all studying music together.

Overall, the blog itself is a joke. There are fake advertisements on each page which are just as ridiculous as the comic strips themselves, the banners for the blog title are amusing in their own right, and the layout of the blog is inconvenient. In fact, the lack of user friendly navigation tools provides the atmosphere the authors probably intended. The seemingly lack of effort into the layout of the website points to the emphasis of the content writers as music school students just wanting to ‘troll.’ It is normally the expectation that a blog webpage would have a timeline navigation tree or similar sidebar that would provide an easy tool for the public reader, however as this site does not have this ability reading the comics – which are in episodes – becomes an unnecessary struggle.

Individually, the blog post entitled “Music Lessens, Episode 8” was one of the earlier posts by the page – published on January 5, 2011 by Kevin Mendoza. Featured in the comic is a simple image of the front of a dated car with each frame a different background colour. Added to this are text boxes either side which describe a Mother and their child – a young music student learning from a tutor whom is not teaching via Classical methods – discussing the music lesson received on the journey home. In this particular episode, the student has asked permission from their Mother to attend a concert of New Music, upon finding this out the Mother comes out with a pathetic excuse to deny her child’s attendance. Out of all the posts I read on this blog, this one was the clearest. The comic is simply witty and starts a discussion point on the way different types of music – new and old – are received, which I believe to be the aim of this page. It’s a tool to start intellectual music discussions.

The most interesting aspect about this entire blog however is there use of links to other pages or hover comments over images, they turn the blog into some kind of intellectual treasure hunt.


Mendoza, Kevin. Posted January 5, 2011. Music Lessens, Episode 8. Last update 2017.