Tiny Mix Tapes (TMT) is an online music and film webzine with a focus on newly released music and films. I am a fan of this website as it is not afraid to go where other’s don’t; it is often political and inflammatory. With the world’s current political climate, xenophobia, and fear-led fascism, I believe it is appropriate. This is probably due to the fact it is only owned by one person – Marvin Lin aka Mr. P. The blog does not appear to be monetized as there are no ads or pop-ups on the post. The blog is run by a collective of individuals who all go by pseudonyms in their reviews. One of my favourite aspects of this blog are the mix-tapes it generates, often a source for new music for me.

This blog specifically talks about Donald Fagen after his departure from Steely Dan (one of my favourite bands). I wouldn’t necessarily state the author got my attention quickly with a call to action or verbose language, however, the introduction was very easy to read and left me wanting more. The end of the paragraph alludes to the similarity of the album to Steely Dan while giving it a distinguishing factor in its less ‘acidic edge’.

The author did use hyperlinks and embedded links effectively. Personally, I am one of those people who could click hyperlink after hyperlink trying to extract ‘the whole picture’ from an article. However, this article only features one hyperlink which leads to information on Steely Dan’s split and Fagen’s personal troubles. This was just enough information to extract some meaning and context from the album, without having to delve into the minutiae of every aspect of the album. The embedded video is a song from the record; simple, but effective.

The article did leave me with an ongoing conversation and led me to relisten to the album through its penultimate topic sentence:

The genius of The Nightfly is the surface level about-face that Fagen pulls, as it’s hard to tell if the album is to be taken as is, or if we should be looking for subtle hints at its meaning

I enjoyed this blog and shall be listening to The Nightfly about now…


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