From The Taruskin Challenge webpage.

The bloggers in the Taruskin Challenge are Mark Samples and Zachery Wallmark. According to their profiles, Samples is an Assistant Professor of music at Central Washington University. Wallmark is also an Assistant Professor but at SMU located in Dallas. Wallmark specialises in Music History.

There is one ad per page. Weather that indicates some sort of monetisation is uncertain. The blog does state that the challenge finished on December 2, 2012, and the blog has not been touched since then by the look of it. It states that the blog finished on December 2, 2012. The blog hasn’t been touched since, bar the odd comment here and there.

This blog was run by the individuals, for the interest of the Taruskin History of Western Music.

The Taruskin Challenge blog is a simple website and is somewhat organised. It would have been nicer if the headings were a little more prominent, as there was a lot of text to scroll through to see the headings of an individual post.
The website is easily searchable, with a search field provided at the top right of the page and the search results yield some interesting results, depending on what is being searched for.

The title of ‘Notations Last Hurrah’ and the picture of a very intense looking string quartet were enough to click on the article for a deeper look.
Going through the post, there was no hyperlinks to click on or any embedded video at all other than the two pictures of the string quartet and the Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz, which were rather large and stuck out in the post. They seem to fit the authors intentions within the post.

The blog looks at the Taruskin article ‘Terminal Complexity’ which considers two English composers who would seem were trying to push the boundaries of conventional notation (Toop, 2017), and in doing so the music on the page turns out to be almost unplayable. It’s only a short article but Samples at one point compares the work of Ferneyhough to a comedic piece of music which takes pot shots at the so called ‘New Complexity’ (Taruskin, .n.d.)

The post would be for someone who is interested in Taruskin’s work, someone who would be interested in notation and the idea of innovating it and someone who keeps tabs on new music.

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