Slipped disk is an interesting medium for classical music lovers.  This website that allows readers to post and comment on a short music related news. News can vary from a appointment of new conductor for orchestra to a specific question like “Is Emmanuel Macron a pianist?” This website was created by Norman Lebrecht in 2007 and was initially a part of Arts Journala website that collects arts related article from various online news media. Slipped disk became an independent website in 2014 in response to investor interest. The funding for this website is managed by advertisement and promotions.

The format of this website is quite simplistic. There are only three pages: home, where all the news appear, and about and contact. The archives are sorted by months and quite easy to follow. Searching from archives is also available and typing a term like ‘oboe’ will provide 11 results.

Each article often receive many comments from the readers.”Is Emmanuel Macron a pianist?” article has 58 comments. Though this website is interactive and allowing readers to post and comment on news, most of the articles are written by Norman Lebrecht himself and it is almost like a personal blog.


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