The Music Teachers Helper(MTH) is a company that offers a software program for music teachers that automates their business, its features include automated billing, tracking income and expenses, generating financial reports and online lesson calendar. This software program is available for a monthly charge that is dependent on the number of students that the studio has. (Music Teachers Helper, 2017)

As part of their website, MTH has a company blog, the types of topics covered include –

  1. Review: Improve Your Sight-Reading! A piece a week
  2. How to Design a Stunning Recital Program
  3. Software announcements

The software announcements are written by the Marketing Director for MTH and the other blog entries are written by various music teachers, the topics covered are within the credentials of the bloggers as they are topics directly relevant to music teachers and offer music teaching and business experience. The blog is clearly designed by MTH as a marketing tool for their software program. The blog is organised in chronological order for several months of blogs, the older blogs are categorised by topic in alphabetical order and can be easily searched. (Music Teachers Helper, 2017)

The ‘How to Design a Stunning Recital Program’ blog was written by Leila Viss. Leila is a pianist, organist, writer and teacher who has an interest in technology relevant to music teaching. (Viss, 2017) Within this blog, Leila collaborates with Andrea West who is a piano teacher and graphic designer. A video is uploaded where Andrea goes through step by step instructions on how to prepare a recital program in a word document, the instructions are also discussed within the blog. The instructions are clear and concise, a typical reader of this blog would be a music teacher, this would be a useful blog for any music teacher trying to put together a recital program that is visually interesting. There is a link to the graphic designs that Andrea has prepared which can be purchased (West, 2017) and there is a discussion of how the graphic designs can be used for various marketing materials. (Music Teachers Helper, 2017)



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