This CD liner commences by providing a brief biography of the pianist, Andrei Gavrilov, although this does provide a summary of the pianists’ career, it does not contain even complete sentences and misses an opportunity to provide some insightful pieces of information about the pianist. The biography oddly commenced two-thirds down a completely blank page, there was plenty of space to write about the pianist, this is an example of poor editing. As a pianist, Gavrilov has had a very impressive career in spite of numerous years of politically enforced restrictions, he was successful in convincing Mikhail Gorbachev to move to the West and was the first Soviet artist to do this without applying for political asylum. None of these facts were mentioned in the biography.  (Gavrilov, 2017)

The next two pages of the CD liner consists of one page with a picture of a concert grand piano with names of the various parts of the piano and the second page consists of a history of the piano as well as various other piano facts. It is difficult to understand why any publisher or editor would consider these two pages to be interesting and a worthwhile addition to the CD liner. Even for a complete novice listener, two pages outlining the basic functions and history of the piano would not bring that listener any closer to understanding Chopin or his etudes and ballades. (SYRINX music & media GmbH (ed). 1997)

The CD liner does not even contain one sentence covering the composer and his music. Even the most basic of research could produce an interesting paragraph on Chopin and his compositions. Instead of a picture of the labelled piano, Chopin’s nationality, the difficult political context of the Russian occupation of Poland and the creative inspiration of Chopin’s nostalgia for his home country would all help in shaping an understanding of Chopin’s etudes and ballades. Instead, we get to learn how much a piano weighs and where the sound board is located. These liner notes have certainly been very disappointing and did not at all contribute to understanding the music. (Blom, 1975)


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