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In this interview, Kate Moore who is a new music composer is interviewed by Alex Weiser on the YouTube Channel KettleKornNewMusic which is a channel dedicated to showcasing new contemporary classical music, in a relaxed manner (YouTube, 2017.)

The interview begins with Kate being asked of her preference to popcorn, to bring a calm and relaxed atmosphere into the interview. Weiser asks every composer who appears on the channel this question, which doesn’t intrude too much on the main point of the interview.

Compared to other interviews done by Weiser, the first thing that came out was the overall quality of the sound. There was an obvious hum in the background, as well as sounds of traffic and a siren going past which somewhat distracted from the interview compared to another interview he did where this is not an issue.

The purpose of the interview, although it was not obvious at the start, is Kate Moore talking about a piece that was commissioned by Lisa Moore, to write a piece that is about Irish family and heritage. The piece is called Sliabh Beagh, Irish for Little Mountain (Youtube,2017.) I admire the fact that she wrote a piece about Irish Heritage, even though she acknowledged that she isn’t Irish but still feels a link because of her grandfather heritage and the Australian way of life, being on the move. Moore was born in the United Kingdom and was raised in Australia (Brassey-Brierley, 2014.)

Weiser’s approach to the questions were adequate. The questions were relevant to the context of Moore being asked about her new composition. Weiser did not skew on a tangent and did not get in the way of Moore’s responses. There was a good balance of Interviewer to Interviewee ratio of conversation.

I felt that the interview did a reasonable job of achieving the target of Moore talking about her new work and elaborating on the inspiration of her new work. A straight to the point style interview, excusing the popcorn references at the start.

Tristan Struve

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