Weiser commenced this face to face interview by asking Kate how she likes to eat her popcorn, this first question allowed him to segway into discussing the company that he is representing – Kettle Corn New Music, which is an organisation that believes contemporary classical music should be enjoyed as both art and entertainment. (Kettle Corn New Music, 2017) Weiser than asked Moore what kind of interesting concert experiences she has had that were not traditional concerts. Moore responded that her concert that was part of the Kettle Corn series was one of those interesting concert experiences. Although this introduction was a fun way to start, it did appear to be staged and rehearsed. The question Weiser asked was a leading question to discuss the Kettle series which took some of the sense of spontaneity out of the interview.

The interview continued with Moore discussing the piece that she premiered at the Stromlo Forrest observatory, Sliabh beagh. (Moore, 2015) Weiser let Moore discuss the piece, her heritage connection to the piece and the eerie performance location at Stromlo Forrest, he didn’t interrupt her. At this point, Weiser took the opportunity to ask how Moore’s nomadic life influences her music, this was an interesting open question that naturally flowed from Moore’s previous discussion. Weiser continued by asking open questions about the piece and Moore’s musical compositions more generally. The occasional comments that Weiser made were encouraging and helped stimulate further discussion.

The interview style was relaxed and was consistent with the theme of Kettle Corn, Weiser created a very comfortable atmosphere, Weiser and Moore were both dressed casually and sitting comfortably on the same couch in what looks like a lounge area. This immediately took out the formality aspect of the interview. The purpose of the interview was for Weiser to discuss her piece and to allow listeners to get to know her which was achieved, Moore’s agenda of introducing Kettle Corn’s mission was also clearly conveyed.


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