Composers Eating Kettle Corn is a YouTube series where each interview begins with a question on popcorn preferences; a stylized way to give interviewees “a laidback experience”. But in Kate Moore’s case, the starter was too short and self-referential – Weiser actually took to explaining it – and backfired. Moore’s discomfort is evident in the subsequent ramble on her “cutting-edginess”, and when she laughs at her own long-winded explications.

The interview is primarily meant to promote Sliabh Beagh – a piece written for Lisa Moore – yet this was wholly unclear when I first watched. Without a companion transcript or subtitles, there is no way for me to look up the piece, since I cannot discern how “shlav be-org” is spelled. This is exacerbated by the lack of foregrounding, perhaps due to assumed knowledge in this professional peer setting. Yet this is not endemic to the video medium; Weiser’s other interview with David Little features a brief bio and background soundtrack to great effect (2014).

I did learn about Moore’s heritage and motives, for which Weiser’s minimal interference deserves credit. Moore reveals her Irish roots and explains Sliabh Beagh as a reference to her geographical origins and a tribute to her grandfather’s generation, but also muses about her identification with a nomadic identity – an Australian trait. Yet the contextualization in her own words is wasted, carelessly, because no links are provided to the Lisa Moore performance that Kettle Corn did upload five days after the interview (2015 [2]). Only after listening to the piece could I interpret the abrupt tempo switches, hurried notes, and vocal interjections as symbolic of Kate Moore’s fleeting sense of belonging in place.

While Weiser gives Moore plenty of space to elaborate, he should have interjected earlier when she struggled to frame thoughts on her nomadic experience. His questions appear prepared, but do not intrude on the flow of conversation, which persist through the unplanned background sirens. For its short unedited duration, this interview turns out rather informative, though the lack of supporting text and music means its worth is mainly derived from further research.



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