Yiruma (Lee Ru-Ma) is the most famous pianist/composer in South Korea and because of his talented way of telling his story through music, he became famous all around the world. In this interview, the interviewer asks Yiruma about his excitement of his upcoming Australian Tour. I, as a lover of Yiruma who knows pretty much all of his pieces always wanted to know more about him as a person. Yiruma’s most known pieces are “River Flows in You”, “Kiss the Rain”, and “May Be” and his album “First Love” released in 2001 is his well known album. Reading this interview, I had learned more about Yiruma himself  as a person, and the interviewer knew exactly what he wanted to ask and what we as fans of him wanted to know about.

The purpose of this interview was straight-forward. It was getting to know more about Yiruma, what sort of atmosphere he likes to work, how much he is looking forward to go to Australia for his tour and even mentioning some of his live performance in US ‘Carnegie Hall’ and ‘Dolby Theatre’. This is another way to advertise Yiruma to people who doesn’t know much about him or his work and help them gain interest.

This Australia Tour is Yiruma’s very first solo concert, even though he did come to Sydney in 2013 to promote his album and he expressed his excitement and the interviewer asked all the necessary questions and questions that all the fans wanted to ask him if they get a chance to meet him. The interviewer did not ask off-topic questions and he was on the right track from beginning to the end.


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