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This review of the Album ‘Sasha Rozhedestvensky and Josiane Marfurt: Tchaikovsky’s Complete Works for Violin and Piano” by David Pearson puts this album into a good light. The mention of Tchaikovsky and Works for Piano and Violin caught my attention. Furthermore, the opening paragraph of a description of the playing and interpretation of the music also caught my attention and probably would catch the attention of one who would be interested in this music.

There was little mention about the author in the review however at the bottom there is a mention that the author is a Saxophonist based in the NYC area. However, the link on the authors name directs to an empty domain (Presumably the website of the reviewer, based on the url).

Upon searching for any other information on Pearson, a short biography appeared that is on the Eastern School of Music, Art and Dance which gives some background to his work (Eastern School, 2016.)

The content of the review was quite thorough and appropriate for a classical music album review. The descriptions of each piece as it sounds on the album were concise and gave a good impression of the various points in the music. There is generally high praise to the performers in how they could pull of difficult virtuosic passages and how the instruments together were clear and blended well together. I did get the sense that the review was more about the violin playing rather than the pianistic aspect, since the piano does add to the musicality in my opinion.

Pearson’s description of the liner notes is a positive one too, as he stated that many of the Russian Music liner notes are usually inaccurate and misinterpreted (Pearson, 2011). I must admit that CD liner notes are something I usually don’t look at and I was compelled to read the liner notes for this album and I found that Pearson’s description was adequate. Pearson’s reference to the liner notes having too much emphasis on Tchaikovsky’s emotional sentimentality seemed a bit harsh though, since looking at the liner notes that Tchaikovsky life was not easy, and this impacted his music (Koob, 2011.)

The review didn’t provoke a conversation unfortunately. There were no comments (or the ability to comment) on the website either.

In conclusion I thought this was an adequate review by Pearson.

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