Love it or hate it, Bruno Mars is one of the famous singer in the world. America, Australia, even in Asia, you will hear his songs at least once in your life. But as much as people love him, large amount of anti-Mars female fans are out there because some of his lyrics are sexual and dirty and make them feel like he’s against feminism. People say, “Hey, it’s just a song get over it”, but do they know that music can change people’s life, and it can even save or kill someone’s life? Or, are the females actually being way too sensitive over a three to four minutes song?

Like what the writer wrote, why can’t a fun pop anthem be noticed as a fun pop anthem? Why do every songs need to be analysed and argued? If people do not like the specific genre of music, the best method is do not listen to it and listen to their favourite genre. After all, “24k Magic” album includes more towards love and life, celebrating woman, and overall a good music to listen to, that only has few lyrics that could make woman feel uncomfortable.

With my opinion, I cannot help myself agreeing with the writer. Oh and did I mention that this writer is a female? Judge the music by its genre; a fun pop anthem. I do not think it is necessary to even remotely think that some of his un-feminist lyrics should be argued. If that is the case, we need to search every songs in the world and argue about it. If woman think the lyrics are uncomfortable, turn off the song and listen to songs that does not effect their anger. After all, people are different and people have different tastes.



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