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The review of “Queen Concert Review 1980”, written by leighandrew is very short, simple, but compelling. The review starts off with the writer talking briefly about how much of a revolutionary the band Queen was back in the day, including their number one most known song in the world, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

The writer knew exactly how he felt about the concert an delivered effectively with his review. He wrote down the lists of every song the band played during the concert, showing how much of an unforgettable time he had at this concert. Not only he delivers his feeling towards the concert, he also let us know some useful information about the band by saying the Queen was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, allowing the writer to have the right to explain how much of an excellent band Queen is still to this day. He also briefly mentions some of the lighting techniques during the concert to get the audience deeper into the band and the concert itself.

While leighandrew delivered his strong feelings effectively towards his experience of a phenomenal concert of a phenomenal band back in the time, it could have been a little more compelling if he reviews slightly more objective way. We all agree and accept the fact that Queen was one of the biggest revolutionary in the world of music, so the review could have been more powerful and persuasive if he reduced his subjective thoughts and included more objective thoughts and opinion such as the technical and musical perspective.

Overall, the writer did briefly explain the lighting techniques with some useful facts and brief but detail description of the writer’s background of his and friend’s experience of listening and gaining interest in the band and allowed the readers to nod more frequently while reading. However, due to his heavy subjective perspective, it left me asking questions to myself and wanting to know more about the concert. By adding more objective opinion or including a little more technical method of the concert, this review could have been much more persuasive and professional.