This article commences by describing the start of Psy’s Toronto concert, a quiet moment before the music starts and then launches into an outline of Psy’s success with his composition ‘Gangnam Style’ which at the time had received millions of hits on youtube and caught the attention of millions of people around the world. (Lee 2012) The article did gain my attention quickly, it made a smooth segway from the excitement of the commencement of his concert, to the excitement of his success. It would have been more interesting if the article had provided some of the figures as these are unprecedented, Gangnam style is heading towards a record breaking 3 billion youtube hits, having already exceeded 2 billion hits and earning over $2 million just from youtube advertising. (Ramsay and Klip 2012)

As the article continued, the majority of the content did not move significantly away from the facts about the concert, there were some comparisons made to his previous concerts, such as the Toronto concert only contained three songs, which would have been disappointing to those fans that were expecting the full concert experience that Psy had previously delivered. To help make up for the lack of additional analysis and context, the tone and style of the article was appropriate for the Korean pop website, whose audience are fans of Korean pop, it is a fun and quick paced article. It would have been interesting if the article had included more analysis, for example, another article reviewing Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ pop song which was performed at the concert, offered some interesting context, such as outlining that the purpose of the ‘Gangnan’ song started out as a satirical work mocking the sense of entitlement of South Korean’s immensely wealthy class. (Petridis, 2013) These types of insightful additions could have easily been substituted for some of the descriptions of the concert itself. It is this lack of context and analysis that did not stimulate any conversation or further reflection on Psy’s music. Even though the article had interesting aspects to it, it was forgettable.


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